Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Steve Morse

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For Sale: $200
Nautical Star Seat - built on one my 12 polished stainless steel seat pans. This seat is pure class. It is covered top, and bottom with luxurious European vegetable tanned leather. Tooled into the top leather is a "Nautical Star", & the bottom of the pan is pinstriped .  The seat is saddle stitched with waxed linen thread, and the edges are sealed with wax, & polished. The dimensions are approximately 11-1/2" wide, 13-1/2" long, with a 2-1/2" cup.
Nautical Star Seat - back view of polished stainless seat pan with pinstriping.
Nautical Star seat - side shot
For Sale: $175
Sunburst Faded Brown Seat - built on one of my 11 gauge, carbon steel seat pans, with the finest american saddle leather available front & back. It is laced together with calfskin lace in a mexican basketweave pattern. This seat is approximately 14" long & 12" wide with a 2-1/2" cup.
Faded Brown Seat back view
Faded Brown Seat side shot
Seat for daddyshatz. Made on one of my seat pans.
mexican basketweave lacing
Side bag for a rigid sporty. Commissioned by an Ironworker in PA.
Plain black saddle stitched solo seat for Rider 924
rear view
Seat for Slim XS & his custom XS650
from behind
shot of the lacing
Metalhos' BBO seat
side shot
Seat was made on cut out of rusty old cb750 seat pan
Double Cap Riveted Black Solo Seat
from the rear